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DMW MediaWorks tackles the ad operations projects that are critical to your company’s success

DMW MediaWorks founder Doug Wintz
Doug Wintz, Founder and Principal, DMW MediaWorks

We are ad operations specialists and have completed dozens of projects that have enabled our clients to deliver sustainable revenue from digital advertising.

For established companies, we bring the unique perspective of understanding the entire landscape of media operations workflow and applications. This includes expertise on both the publisher and agency sides of the media business. We assess current media operations, make recommendations for improvement, and implement them. This includes migrating from Google's XSM order management system to alternate systems.

“...a valuable contribution to the growth of our company”

—Tom Newman, President, Interactive One (Radio One, Black Planet)

For start-ups or companies that are bringing media operations in-house for the first time, we evaluate, recommend and implement the applications, workflow and staffing that will support your media operations activities and provide your company with a firm foundation on which to build a growing business.


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DMW MediaWorks’ Approach

A hands-on approach to gaining insight on ad operations and digital media

DMW MediaWorks operates at both the strategic and tactical level. We frequently work “in the trenches” in order to better understand your business. Examples include:

“...significant improvement in the efficiency and accuracy of our media operations department”

—Peter Nanjo, Vice President, Jumpstart Automotive Media (Car and Driver, Road and Track)

We are “Resultants” — defining projects, executing on specific objectives and supplying deliverables. Our method of engagement is to:


Data Migration and Management

In addition to acting as project managers in the deployment of ad servers, order management systems, audience platforms and all peripheral system, we are experts in the management and migration of digital data.

Because change is constant, it is not uncommon that publishers and agencies need to embark on projects to upgrade their order management and ad serving applications, or to change them.

One of the implications of this change is the need to migrate data from the legacy source, to the new “ad stack.” For some companies, this presents a daunting challenge: how to re-traffic orders, line items, targeting criteria and creatives without disrupting day to day business and bringing it to a grinding halt.

DMW MediaWorks has extensive experience in automating the migration process. This includes the following specific use cases:

Our development staff applies experience honed over nearly 2 decades of managing digital media.